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    Iwa Proposed 2 Study Programs to ISBI Bandung


    BANDUNG-Present and open a one-day seminar on the Institut Association of Indonesian Arts and Culture (ISBI) Bandung, West Java Secretary proposed 2 study programs to ISBI. According to Iwa, the two study programs will increase the capacity of ISBI graduates.

    "The first study program is a study program related to entrepreneurship. With this study program, we hope that ISBI graduates can become capable entrepreneurs in the future. Then the second is pedagogical study program and educational psychology," said Iwa on ISBI Bandung campus Buahbatu Street, Tuesday morning (03/12/2019).

    The pedagogic and educational psychology study program will increase the capacity of ISBI graduates to be able to teach at all levels of education, especially elementary and junior high schools.

    "At elementary school and junior high school the art teacher is lacking. And we hope that it can later be filled with ISBI scores," Iwa explained.

    Previously, Iwa also appreciated the presence of a study program at ISBI, namely a special study program on bamboo music

    "I appreciate bamboo music study program at ISBI Bandung, because West Java is the producer of various types of bamboo in Indonesia, later the results can be used and preserved," he said.

    Iwa also motivated the ISBI academic community by stating that Indonesia in 2045 is predicted to become the 'best five' in the world with three main requirements, namely economic growth above 5 percent, peaceful regional leadership change, and competitive competitiveness of millennials. (Even)

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