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    West Java National Narcotics Agency Seized 20 Kg Shabu


    BANDUNG - The Provincial National Narcotics Agency (BNNP) of West Java revealed the circulation of narcotics types of methamphetamine between provinces. In the disclosure, West Java BNNP seized as much as 20 kilograms of methamphetamine, which was obtained from four suspects.

    Head of West Java BNNP Brigadier General (Pol) Sufyan Syarif said, this disclosure was a development of an old case handled by his side.

    According to him, two of the four suspects were recidivists on drug cases, namely AG and LI. Meanwhile, two other people were AG's right hand, namely AJ and GI.

    "So this is the development of the 2.2 ton marijuana case in Cianjur handled by West Java BNNP in 2016. This AG is a DPO (list of people searching), and the main suspect of the case," Sufyan told reporters at the West Java BNNP office on Monday 3/3/2019).

    Sufyan said, the AG received the order of shabu from J, which was languishing in the Medaeng Penitentiary, Surabaya. AG was ordered to take goods in the Dumai area to be taken to Pekanbaru, Riau.

    "Then, AG and three of its partners moved to Pekanbaru, from Sukabumi, Bogor through Bakaheuni," he said.

    Officers continued to follow the movements of the suspects who carried illicit items using two cars. Then, the officers arrested the four suspects in the Sukabumi area. Jo

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