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    Supervisory Board of General Election Found Thousands of APKs Violations


    BANDUNG-Since the enactment of the campaign period until March 5, 2018 there have been 6,280 violations originating from findings and reports. Of that number, it is known that APK violations or campaign props are the most findings.

    "Most are administrative violations dominated by APK violations, which are 4,695 cases," said Indonesia Supervisory Board of General Election (Bawaslu) member Ratna Dewi Pettalolo after becoming a speaker at the West Java Election Monitoring Accreditation Socialization to reporters in Bandung on Monday (03/11/2019).

    Furthermore, the second order is 485 violations of electoral crime and the three Bawaslu categorize other violations such as violations of Civil Servant and also regional heads.

    Ratna, who is also the Coordinator of the Republic of Indonesia's Bawaslu Enforcement Division, revealed that of the 485 election violations, he said, 43 cases have been declared as permanent legal force or inclusion, one of them is the case of money politics by legislative candidates (PAN) namely the Mandala Shoji artist aka Abadi Mandala.

    "So indeed, for the criminal election it is not only us from the Bawaslu involved but also from the elements of the prosecutor's office," he concluded. Jo

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