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    President Reviewed Nanjung Tunnel, Solution to Overcome Bandung Regency Flood


    BANDUNG REGENCY - Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum accompanied Indonesian President Joko Widodo to review the construction site of the Nanjung water tunnel, in Lagadar Village, Margaasih Sub-District, Bandung Regency, on Sunday (10/3/19).

    The President revealed, the 230 meter long water tunnel had been planned for a long time. Later, this tunnel project worth IDR 352,917,998,000 will be one of the solutions to reduce puddles in Dayeuhkolot, Baleendah and Andir areas during the rainy season.

    "Planning (tunnel construction) has been around for a long time, it's been a long time," he said after the review.

    "Planning of this magnitude has been explained, its function is for many people," he added.

    This water tunnel has a diameter of 2x8 meters and a length of 2x230 meters, with a distance between tunnels as long as 10 meters. While the length of the inlet building is 28 meters and the length of the outlet building is 100 meters, with the type of slice gate 2 slice gate (2.6 meters high and 8 meters long). These specifications allow this tunnel to have a maximum discharge of 700 cubic meters per second.

    Later, this tunnel will be able to increase the capacity of the Citarum river (in Nanjung) which was originally 570 cubic meters per second to 643 cubic meters per second. This tunnel also accelerates the flow of the Citarum river, which causes the long inundation and the area of inundation in the areas of Dayeuhkolot, Baleendah, Andir and surrounding areas to decrease.

    In addition, if combined with the normalization of Citarum upstream, embankment of Gedebage, Cieunteung and Cisangkuy floodway retention ponds, increasing the capacity of the Citarum river will reduce the inundation area by 700 hectares, from 3,461 hectares to 2,761 hectares. Thus, there are around 14,000 families in Bandung Regency who can be free from flooding.

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