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    Reactivation of the Railroad, Regional Secretary Gives Public Awareness


    BANDUNG REGENCY-Secretary of West Java Iwa Karniwa aroused public awareness to cooperate in the plan to reactivate or reactivate Railways (KA), by PT KAI. According to Iwa, without community awareness and cooperation, this plan will be difficult to realize. It was revealed by Iwa after attending the Fun Walk in the framework of the 21st Anniversary of the Ministry of SOEs in the area of Bandung Regency Upakarti Soreang on Sunday (03/10/2019).

    "No matter how hard our efforts are, if without the cooperation of the community, especially those who are crossed by the railway that will be re-activated, then this will be difficult," he said.

    Iwa also stressed that there was no attempt to provoke this reactivation plan for the old railway line, from anyone.

    "Provocation efforts will hamper the development of useful paths for many people. Therefore I emphasize that there is no attempt to provoke any form," Iwa said.

    Reactivation of railway lines in West Java such as Bandung-Ciwidey, Banjar-Pangandaran, Cibatu-Garut, Rancaekek-Tanjung Sari, has become the President's work plan and PT KAI whose mapping has begun in 2019. (Pun)

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