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    West Java Will Open Coffee Shop Gallery at Souss Massa


    SOUSS MASSA - Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil conducted a bilateral visit to partners Sister Province of West Java, Souss Massa Region, Morocco, Saturday (9/3/29) local time. West Java has officially had Sister City relations with Souss Massa Region with the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 15 November 2017 at the Wali Region Souss Massa Office.

    As an initial stage of this cooperation, the West Java Provincial Government was given the opportunity to open a Coffee Shop in the Agadir Marina area as a vehicle to promote Java Preanger Coffee at Souss Massa and the delivery of arts and cultural missions at the event to be held at Souss Massa in time near this.

    On this occasion, Emil - his nickname, said the focus on the field of cooperation is expected to be sustainable implementative activities to be carried out by both parties.

    Second, increasing trade and investment, through business matching in the context of creating trade connections between the two regions and developing markets for other potential products and commodities to Morocco. Java Preanger Coffee is a commodity that will be the prima donna at Souss Massa because of the Society of Souss Massa famous for its culture of drinking coffee. Meanwhile, the mass Orange (citrus) souss was given the opportunity to be marketed in West Java as the province with the largest number of population and the largest consumer of fruits in Indonesia.

    President of Souss Massa Region, Brahim Hafidi, explained in the field of investment, through the opening of factories / other types of businesses whose raw materials were obtained in the Souss Massa region.

    According to him, agriculture, maritime affairs, industry and tourism are the strength of Souss Massa. Investors in Morocco will enjoy the Free Zone Policy facilities applied here as well as adequate infrastructure.

    Third, Emil said, is tourism through the promotion of two-way tourism in the field of maritime tourism and halal tourism.

    Emil hopes that the provincial cooperation between West Java and Souss Massa can provide benefits to the wider community in two regions.

    The Governor of West Java also appreciated the full support given by the interim Ad Chancellor of the Republic of Indonesia Rebate to the Kingdom of Morocco and Mauritania, Hanung Nugraha, who according to him has successfully bridged the relationship between West Java and Souss Massa to create a more effective synergy in foreign relations

    In addition to the Coffee Shop, in the near future West Java Provincial Government will participate in cultural events. "Then in the cultural field, through the collaboration of cultural events, the West Java Provincial Government will send an art delegation to Souss Massa in July," Emil said.

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