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    West Java Province Success Achieving Smart Nation Award 2015


    JAKARTA - Government of West Java Province success achieving first winner in the category of big size province in Indonesia Smart Nation Award (ISNA) 2015 from Citi Asia, Inc. West Java success eliminate other area, such as East Java, DKI Jakarta, Central Java, and Banten. This awarding took place at JS Luwansa Hotel, South Jakarta on Tuesday (20/10/15). West Java is one of from 9 best city from the total city of 45. It divide into 9 categories, which is big province with population more than 5 million, medium province, small regional, small city, and many more.

    Head of Communication and Informatics Board (Diskominfo) West Java Province, Dr. Dudi Sudradjat Abdurachim, in the capacity of the Government of West Java Province said these award signifies the readiness of West Java facing the era of government based on communication and information technology (TIK).

    “We hope through this awards with the index measurement, it has been appropriate with the society’s expectations and desires about the quality of the government,” he said, on Tuesday (21/10) morning.


    According to him, by this awards is able to strengthen the concept program of West Java Cyber Province.

    Governor, Ahmad Heryawan added that it makes government's commitment increase to implement e-Government, alike as OPD that had implemented TIK for budgeting, tender processing (e-Procurement) since 2009.

    “Commitment of West Java related to the institution, regulation, and implementation has been good, for example in e-Budgeting and e-Procurement since 2009,” he explained.
    Regency and city government in West Java also achieved the awards, such as Bandung (Second winner as big city size), Bogor Regency (First winner as big regency size), Cimahi City and Cirebon as medium city, and Bandung Regency as big regency.

    Several expert, academics, technology and information expert experienced acted as a jury, they are Prof. Dr. Eko Indrajit (chief of jury), Prof. Dr. Marsudi W. Kisworo (Rector Perbanas Institute), Dr. Yuswandi A. Temenggung (General Secretary of Kemendagri), Dr. Setiawan Wangsaatmaja (Deputi SDM KemenPAN-S), Dr. Ashwin Sasongko S (Researcher of LIPI), Dr. Cahyana Ahmadjayadi (Founder and Chairman of Citiasia, Inc.), Thareq Kemal Habibie (Director of PT. Ilthabi Energia), M. Awaluddin (CEO of Telkom), Eko B. Supriyanto (Head of redaction of Infobank Magazine), and other.

    According to Cahyana Ahmadjayadi, the winner is based on the study of Indonesia Smart Region Maturity Index. This index measures the condition of all regions in Indonesia (34 provinces, 412 regencies and 93 cities) based on data published from various sources, such as ministries data, statistical regions throughout Indonesia, and the official website of regional government, and analysis of 72 national print media and local and 100 online media.

    Indonesia Smart Region Maturity Index  measured from 2 constituent index, index of readiness towards the area of smart (Smart Readiness Index) and the index of regional performance smart (Smart Region Index).

    In Smart Readiness Index there are five dimensions measured, such as natural resources, structure, infrastructure, superstructure, and culture. While the Smart Region index there are six dimensions measured, such as the dimensions of smart governance, smart branding dimension, the dimension of smart living, smart dimensions of society, and the dimensions of smart environment. This index value will be displayed in the form of rating (A+/A/B+/B/C+/C/D/E).

    Cahyana added, this study has the advantages than other regions study because of the utilisation of big data analytic method developed by Citiasia, Inc (Big CAT or Citiasia Tools for Big Data Analytic).

    "This award is not just an appreciation but also encourage the region to see their readiness on Smart City and make an innovation. Through the smart region, the smart nation can be built," he said. Chief of the jury ISNA 2015, Eko Indrajit added, he appreciates the winners, including West Java province, which is considered to be pro-active publish their region.

    "The smart area is making people recognise of their area. Do not wait for the ball. Take the advantage of technology to introduce area with complete data, because it’s able to invite the investor come," he said.

    In his speech last night, Secretary General of the Ministry of Home Affairs Yuswandi Temanggung expressed his appreciation for this award. According to him, an area it should apply for smart region. "I think this is a necessity, no longer a desire," said Yuswandi.

    Regional Representatives Council (DPD) Irman Gusman stressed the importance of information technology in the development of a region. "India has advanced because they maximizing the use of technology. We should learn from India, who has high rate of illiteracy. It’s possible if there is a will," said Irman.

    Ashwin Sasongko says that indexation is needed so that an area be developed. "Indexation is very scientific, factual and reliable," he said.

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