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    Secretary Reminded New 14 Head of Organizations to be Compact and Work According to The Rules


    BANDUNG, West Java Secretary, Iwa Karniwa, asked 14 heads of service from the open auction to work solidly, according to the rules and be careful with regard to grants.

    This emphasis was conveyed by Iwa when leading the process of handover of the positions of 14 senior high officials from the executors of agency and agency heads in the West Hall, Gedung Sate, Bandung, Wednesday (03/06/2019).

    According to him, new officials must be able to quickly strengthen solidity with the leadership and staff. This step is considered important so that the head of the office does not encounter difficulties when adapting to new tasks and positions. "Increase the solidity to Mr. Governor, Deputy Governor, to me and the staff," he said.

    Other requests related to financial assistance where the distribution must be in accordance with existing legal regulations and umbrella. According to Iwa, officials do not need to worry about distributing grants if they are in accordance with the rules.

    "Our task is only to arrive at formal truths. If the proposal has a name, there are accounts that have NPHD truthfully photmal and the material we apply, our regulations are clear so friends don't need to be afraid, "he said.

    Iwa also emphasized the duty of the Head of the Procurement of Goods and Services Bureau to immediately consolidate with the procurement working groups. "The Working Group must coordinate with the related OPD, so that we do not do well, the problem is in the working group," he said.

    Finally Iwa requested that the head of the service oversee the process of auditing the BPK RI thoroughly and there were no problems even though the budget was spent not in the term of office of the new service heads.

    "Although not in your father's day, you have the responsibility of escorting (getting an opinion) WTP 8 times. It's not the past, you have served there, you have to finish it, please invite the head of the previous department to get information, "he said.

    Finally, he reminded that the strength of ASN is togetherness. He requested that the entire ASN not work independently and present cohesiveness for a common goal. "Not racing, all in their respective positions, with good cooperation, we survived everything," he concluded. (Even)

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