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    Governor Inaugurated Auction Results Officer


    BANDUNG-14 High ranking official Pratama auction results in West Java Provincial Government inaugurated Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil at Gedung Sate, Wednesday (03/06/2019). The 14 pre-echelon 2 officials were selected after going through a long process since last November 2018. The governor stressed that the election of the officials was purely the result of selection from the Selection Committee or the Chancellor without any intervention from any party including him.

    "This is really the result of the selection. There was no intervention from anyone, including me and the Deputy Governor, as rumored. They were chosen because they fulfilled the requirements," said Kang Emil.

    The 14 officials included among them heads of agencies and bureaus such as the Ministry of Communication and Information, Transportation Agency, HR Office, Office of Cooperatives and Small Businesses.

    "Only one, namely the Health Office that does not yet exist, because in the registration process, the quota does not meet, it must be repeated later. This is indeed an issue, not only in West Java but throughout Indonesia, that human resources in health are still lacking," he said.

    The governor targeting those new officials in 100 days must make a breakthrough at the service level and complete the work that was delayed by the previous official.

    "The target of 100 days is to make a breakthrough at the service level and complete work that has not been completed," he said.

    Fourteen officials were from outside the province of West Java, and there were 4 women. (Even)

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