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    Chocodot, Unique Chocolate Gift from Garut


    GARUT - Chocodot or dodol chocolate is now one of the most hunted souvenirs of tourists who travel to Garut Regency, West Java. Now Chocodot has become a national product and dedicates itself as Indonesian Chocolate.

    Jabarprov.go.id also had the opportunity to visit this contemporary chocolate production house from Swiss Van Java. See the factory, to the chocolate museum. The location is easily accessible, namely on the main road of Garut, not so far from the tourist area of Cipanas.

    Denny, Chocodot's digital marketing said that in a day around 160 to 260 kilograms of chocolate bars are melted and produced into various unique and contemporary chocolate variants.

    "At present there are 300 types of Chocodot variants that can be enjoyed," he said on Tuesday (03/05/2019) to the jabarprov.go.id team.

    Now the sale of Chocodot is no longer just around Garut, but has been throughout Indonesia. There are even Chocodot outlets and factories in Bali and Jogjakarta.

    "Because to facilitate our marketing, especially in Bali and Jogjakarta," he said.

    Well, in order to have specialties, in each region, this Chocodot packaging is made to adjust the characteristics of the region, especially its superior tourism potential.

    Now the Chocodot packaging no longer writes hilarious, unique and impressed words to be liked by young people, as the main market for sales, but has begun to write down the tourism potential of the local area.

    "For example in Garut, there is chocolate with packaging that contains the beauty and tourist destination of Garut," Deni said.

    In addition, to further introduce the history of chocolate dodol typical of Garut, the manager of Chocodot, Kiki Gumelar also opened a museum house which explained the long history of Chocodot travel.

    The museum is also not too far from the factory. Inside, visitors will get information through short films, the first dodol chocolate product "In Jieun Coklat" to the final product which now has 300 variants.

    Now, the most unique is the replica of Cangkuang Temple made of chocolate. It takes 1,700 kilograms of chocolate to make a replica of the temple.
    "Every month the chocolate is overlaid to keep it intact and still good," said one of the museum guides to the Jabarprov team. Jo

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