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    Millennials Can Do Business in Shares Through the Tetra X Change Application


    BANDUNG-Industrial revolution 4.0 gives influence on various lines of human life, which is marked by the development of information technology that is very extraordinary. This has changed many areas of human life, including the economy, the world of work, even the human lifestyle itself.

    In the economic and business fields, this 4.0 industrial revolution gave birth to various startups that mushroomed in Indonesia, such as Go-Jek, Bukalapak, and other digital businesses. In fact, the capital market business also enlivened the development of technology in this era.

    This was revealed in Learning Shares in the Digital Age, which was initiated by the CEO of Tetra X Change Luke Syamlan at Persib Cafe Jalan Sulanjana, Bandung, Monday (03/04/2019).

    Tetra X Change is an android and ios based application, which works as a consultant in the stock business. This application helps people to make quick decisions about stock investment. As an online robot called Arvitas, Tetra X Change has been used by more than 20 thousand people in Indonesia.

    "With this application, the community can freely consult to share business. The public can ask directly and the system from the application directly answers what is the desire of the community about stock investment," he said.

    Luke Syalan explained, there are around 600 companies listed on the Indonesia stock exchange. This large company opens a capital market for the public to invest in shares in the company. These companies have passed a series of requirements made by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

    "So it's not arbitrary, it's been tested first, the screenning of the company was really good, prospective, they have the right to enter the capital market. Like Bank Mandiri, Bank BRI, BCA is all there, Indofood, XL, Indosat is all there," Luke explained.

    In a one-time stock investment, the community must buy at least 100 shares from various companies. The price of each share varies.

    Furthermore, there are around nine sectors included in the stock exchanges, such as the Consumer sector, including Indofood, Mayora and others. Furthermore, the financial sector, including banking, the third infrastructure sector, includes telecommunications and towers, the fourth basic industrial sector, including chemical companies and cement companies.

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