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    Communication and Information Developed Digital Learning Vehicle


    BANDUNG - In order to encourage Indonesian women to be more literate in digital technology, the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) and PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) initiated a learning vehicle for "Smart Sisternet Corner". The vehicle was designed as a 'halfway house' for women to learn, share, and broaden their horizons on various issues of women's empowerment and socio-economic opportunities by utilizing digital technology.

    Secretary General of the Ministry of Communication and Information Rosarita Niken Widiastuti stated that technology must be used by women to be more empowered and develop their potential.

    "Starting from consuming quality information to be used to increase income to improve the economy. "I appreciate the telecommunications ecosystem that can take a role in empowering women to use technology wisely and beneficially," Niken said in his official statement on Monday (03/04/2019).

    The Secretary General of the Ministry of Communication and Information hopes that more digital literate women. Especially nowadays there is a lot of information that cannot be justified in the form of hoaxes or hoaxes.

    "Through Pojok Pintar we can learn from each other to choose and sort information. At the same time prevent the spread of hoax and false news. Learn to filter before sharing by becoming a smart and literate woman of digital technology, "he hoped.

    Meanwhile, XL Technology Director Axiata Yessie D. Yosetya said the digital era opened up wide opportunities for anyone to improve their abilities by empowering their potential.

    "Including for all Indonesian women. Especially with the existence of a data network that is expanding to remote areas, there is no reason for rural women not to be equal in access to educational resources and to increase economic opportunities, "he said.

    According to Yessie, digital learning vehicles are a tangible manifestation of the ecosystem of communication and informatics in accelerating the social and economic progress of society with digital technology.

    "Smart Corner is part of our efforts to encourage Indonesian women to progress more socially and economically," he concluded. Jo

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