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    Secretary of West Java Asked West Java Regional Revenue Agency to Chase KTMDU


    BANDUNG - Secretary of West Java Iwa Karniwa asked the West Java Regional Revenue Agency (Bapenda) to start combing the potential tax from vehicles not re-registering (KTMDU).

    West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa said Bapenda must start pursuing the KTMDU potential along with the improved service for taxpayers in West Java. "Services are now getting better, for example with the collaboration of Bukalapak. But the matter of delinquent vehicles must be cleared by Mr. Hening [Head of West Java Bapenda Hening Widiatmoko] and ranks," he was contacted on Tuesday (03/05/2019)

    According to him, in West Java currently there are approximately 3 million KTMDU, which is a high potential tax to encourage regional revenue targets (PAD) in the upcoming 2019 and 2020. "The current era must be an increase in income, because if we use the system [service] our Bapenda is the best in Indonesia," he said.

    Iwa said that the sweeping of KTMDU was at least done on two sources which had not been coordinated so far. First, credit vehicles whose owners are in arrears of taxes are then confiscated by the leasing party. "I ask to be coordinated with leasing immediately so that revenues can increase," he said.

    He admitted that the KTMDU data which was in the lease seizure was most likely, but according to him, Bapenda was asked to be able to immediately get the real number of existing two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles. "This data can be significant as a potential income, while at the same time we reduce the KTMDU figure," he said.

    Bapenda was also asked to carry out continuous coordination so that efforts to explore the potential of the KTMDU tax could also involve the lowest regional officials to the RT and RW levels. Iwa encouraged that in order to mobilize the apparatus, Bapenda could cooperate with the West Java Regional Police so that there would be coordination at the level of the police station and the Babinkamtibmas.

    "There are still a number of regions where the level of taxpayers does not pay high taxes. I request immediate coordination with the West Java Regional Police and other parties. So that those who pay taxes are expected to increase," he said.

    West Java itself targets an estimated regional income in 2019 of more than Rp34.888 trillion. There was an increase of Rp2.921 Trillion over or up 9.14% compared to the target in the pure APBD 2018 of Rp.31,961 Trillion more.
    "The regional income comes from Regional Original Revenues (PAD), which is estimated at Rp. 19,765 Trillion, up 12.40% compared to the target in the pure APBD 2018 of Rp. 17,584 Trillion," he said. (Even)

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