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    Regional Government Coordination Meeting Early Year 2019, Provincial Government & Regency / City Synchronized Development Direction


    West Bandung Regency - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil held a Regional Government Coordination Meeting (KOPDAR) with all Regents / Mayors throughout West Java, at Green Forest Resort Sersan Bajuri Street Cihideung Parongpong, West Bandung Regency, Monday (4/3/19).

    "Every three months the governor, regents / mayors gather. Because this is the first three months, today all regents / mayors convey their wishes for 2020," said Emil, his nickname.

    Through KOPDAR this time, the Governor invites the regents / mayors to synchronize, while optimizing the direction of development. Including related infrastructure development, both those included in National and Provincial strategic projects.

    Emil also requested that the regent / mayor be able to follow up on the current and planned development programs. Also, accommodate things that are desired, and are needed in the intended development.

    "We no longer want the direction of development to be out of sync. This means that through KOPDAR this is synchronized. Because West Java cars want to be" polled "want to" be lured, "these are passengers, drivers must be comfortable, clear direction, speed," he said.

    On the contrary, continued Emil, after the aspirations of this region were understood, then he would fight for it through the Governor's programs. Then Emil asked for maximum support from various parties.

    "Everything is for the people, there is West Java Quick Response, if not formed, there is a Maintenance Procedure, maximized if not, Mesra Credit in the mosque is campaigned, and so on," he said.

    "If this happens and we often communicate, then West Java will" pull "forward, conducive, and more extraordinary," he added.

    Emil also revealed, that West Java Province has committed, if development does not only have to go through the APBD door. If the APBD is insufficient, he is ready to help the regent / mayor to lobby the Central Government.

    "I am ready to also help find cooperation with the private sector, can the bjb use Regional Infrastructure Loans (Indah), can go overseas to lobby grant donors, can CSR, community funds, etc.," he said.

    "It turns out that there are many who just know that the door to building is not only through the APBD," he said.

    Regional Secretariat of Government, Law and Welfare, Daud Achmad, stated that in accordance with the West Java Vision 2018-2023 namely "West Java is Born Born through Innovation and Collaboration", the communication forum between the governor and regents / mayors needs to be intensified. , through regular and ongoing various formal and informal interactions.

    This is in accordance with the mandate of Article 91 Paragraph (1) of Law Number 23 Year 2014 concerning Regional Government and Article 1 Paragraph (1) Government Regulation Number 33 of 2018 concerning Implementation of the Duties and Authorities of the Governor as Deputy of the Central Government.

    The legal basis states that in carrying out guidance and supervision of the administration of government affairs and co-administration tasks by the Regency / City, the President is assisted by the Governor As the Deputy of the Central Government.

    "So that the purpose of KOPDAR is to intensify communication and friendship between the Governor and the Regents / Mayors along with other regional government organizers, with the aim of creating synergic relations and governance between the Regional Government of West Java Province and Regency / City Governments West Java, "he said.

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