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    Emil, Here I Want to Hear More


    West Bandung Regency - The Implementation of Organizing Coordination of Regional Governments or West Java Provincial Co-operatives is used by the Governor of West Java to directly listen to their respective regional development plans. As stated by Ridwan Kamil at the 2019 Kopdar event at Green Forest, West Bandung Regency, Monday (03/04/2019).

    "Here I just want to hear a lot, not describe what the Provincial program is," Emil said.

    The presentation of the important regional heads is conveyed in order to be in sync with the Provincial program and the bordering area.

    "For example Cimahi, repairing a river that is only a few meters in its area, if it is not synchronized with its border area, it will not solve the river problem," he said.

    In the Kopdar according to the Governor, one by one the regional heads explained their respective regional programs. The regional heads are divided by region such as Sukabumi, Cianjur, Bogor. Then the area of ??Garut, Ciamis, Tasik, Bandung Regency and others. (Even)

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