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    Governor Asked for More Variant Recitation


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil requested that in the future more forms of monthly recitation were sought. This was revealed by the Governor when he welcomed the arrival of routine recitation pilgrims or the monthly Taklim assembly in West Java in the Pakuan Building on Sunday (3/3/2019), before leaving for Medan in North Sumatra.

    "Try to find a more varied form of study, you can take a picnic, small groups but lots or others, so you don't get bored," he said.

    Ridwan Kamil also apologized for the absence of Atalia, because he was summoned by the Vice President to Jakarta.

    "We have a range of things like that, so whenever the mountain needs it, it must be ready. Just like last night, Mother was asked to go to Jakarta by the vice president for an affair," he explained.

    The main taklim assembly is to form a society that is not only physically healthy but spiritually healthy. In addition, according to the Governor, it was a gathering place.

    "One of the happiness factors especially for the Sundanese people is ngariung (gathering). Ngariung like this. But of course the training must be positive," he explained.

    On the occasion of the majelis taklim, most of the mothers, Ridwan Kamil also had time to deliver door prizes to participants in the form of washing machines. The monthly recitation of taklim assemblies in Pakuan is filled with Ust's lecture. Tengku Maulana. (Even)

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