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    Regional Indonesian Broadcasting Commission Received Dozens of Public Complaints Regarding Adult Content Songs


    BANDUNG - The Regional Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPID) of West Java has received dozens of complaints from the public regarding adult contested songs broadcast on a number of broadcasting institutions in West Java.

    According to the Chairman of the West Java KPID, Dedeh Fardiah, from dozens of complaints the institute conducted a study by bringing in a number of experts, including linguists, literary experts, music experts to communication experts before finally limiting broadcasting hours to 17 songs considered adult.

    "Before there were 86 songs, there were 52 complaints from the community, then 34 based on the monitoring of our monitoring team in West Java KPID which was broadcast on broadcasting in West Java," he said.

    Dedeh said, this restriction step was carried out because the broadcast programs also had to pay attention to the interests of the children, so that his party conducted an assessment of the songs.

    "In accordance with P3SPS Article 20 Paragraph 1 of the KPI rules, there is content in the article, that the song lyrics or video clips are prohibited from containing obscene elements," said Dedeh, in an event in Bandung, Monday (04/03).

    Dedeh said, his party also did not have the authority to reprimand an artist or broadcast performer who broadcasts in broadcasting institutions if there were found irregularities.

    "KPID only has the authority to reprimand broadcasters if in the content of broadcasts on matters that are deemed to have deviated according to the broadcasting law, the broadcasting institutions concerned will later have the authority to give a warning or warning to the broadcasting artist concerned," he said. (Parno)

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