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    The Minister of Communication and Information: Wise in Social Media, Fingers Don't Be Faster Than Mind


    BANDUNG-RI Minister of Communication and Information Rudianto stressed that social media users (medsos) apply wisely in making status or tweet. do not let the status or quotation cause problems in the future.

    "I invite anyone who is social media, thinking as if we were in the real world not cyberspace. In the real world there are social and religious settings that limit us to and Merta expressing everything. We maintain health and mindset regarding social media. "Don't let your thumbs be faster than your mind," he said in front of UNPAD Bandung students on Monday (03/04/2019).

    If you cheat on negative things, there might be someone who doesn't like it and becomes a problem. However, according to Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara, the company is currently looking for workforce also always asking for the social media address of the applicant.

    "Why? Because in social media, someone's attitude will be seen, especially the digital footprint is forever recorded," he said.

    He said the company now considers the attitude of the applicant to be seen from the way he meds.

    "The term is that there are angels who record the good and bad of someone in the media, so be careful and wise in using social media," he stressed. Jo

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