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    Indonesia 11 Conference X About Communication 4.0 Held in Bandung


    BANDUNG-Indonesia X again held an educational conference titled Communictaion Digital Era in Bandung. The conference was opened by Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara and Unpad Rector Trihanggomo Ahmad, Monday (03/04/2019).

    The conference presented Unpad FIKOM lecturers, a business presentation by Charles Bonar Sirait who was a communication practitioner and television presenter and provided free courses online through the www.indonesiax.co.id platform.

    Unpad Rector Trihanggono Ahmad said that in the digital era, all are using the latest IT and technology. Students should not stutter technology.

    "The digital era facilitates us to be able to communicate effectively and directed and can support work productivity. To be optimal and have a positive impact, the contribution of higher education is very important to provide. Basic and academic studies and communication ethics in the digital era," he said.

    Meanwhile Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara added that now with rapid technological developments all the social relations structures of society have changed a lot. How we communicate, solve problems, etc. are now very dependent on IT.

    "So if we don't change ourselves or look for new ways we will be left behind. Now everyone has used artificial intelligence," he said.

    Since its launch in 2015, the Indonesiax.co.id platform has provided 35 courses called massive open online course (MOOC) which can be accessed for free by anyone, anytime and anywhere.

    Lucky Pandjaitan, Founder and CEO of Indonesiax said the platform provided access to learners throughout the country with skill materials from lecturers, to leading professors and practitioners in Indonesia.

    Unpad itself has three courses at www.indonesiax.co.id namely UNPAD 101 on the topic of children's health, UNPAD202 on the topic of financial management, and UNPAD 203 on the topic of persuasive communication. Jo

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