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    This is Ridwan Kamil's Response Regarding Restrictions on Songs by Regional Broadcasting Commission


    JAKARTA - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil responds to the West Indonesia Regional Broadcasting Commission (KPID) policy which limits broadcasts of English-language songs, including two hits from world musicians, Bruno Mars and Ed Sheran.

    According to Emil, his nickname, KPID is an independent institution without government interference in policy matters. He admitted, to this day there has been no complete data or reasons that are the basis of the policy to ban the two songs popularized by Bruno Mars.

    "KPID is an independent institution, yes, this day I have not received the complete data and what the reasons are," Emil said after meeting with the British Chamber of Commerce in Jakarta on Thursday (02/28/2019).

    Basically Emil wants a creative economy in the form of songs that can be present without any disadvantaged parties, both listeners and musicians.

    "We want the creative economy of this song to be as good as possible without anyone being harmed, both those who hear it as feared by the KPID and the artists who produce creations in this form of music," he said.

    In general, Emil understands the concerns of the KPID on two songs whose lyrics are considered vulgar and contain adult life themes. The West Java KPID through circular number 480/215 / IS / KPID-JABAR / II / 2019 limits the broadcast of two Bruno Mars songs titled That's What I Like and Versace on the Floor played throughout West Java.

    "I understand that there are restrictions, not restrictions, there are restrictions perceived by the KPID that there are contents that are not in accordance with the cultural context in West Java," said Emil.

    The plan is that he will invite KPID Jabar to discuss this matter and find the best solution.

    "I will invite the KPID to ask for an explanation. Later we will review and find a solution. What I do know is that Bruno Mars mentions it. So I don't have detailed information yet, tomorrow I will submit it tomorrow," he concluded.

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