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    Vice Governor of Uu: Village Government Must Be Provided with Financial Management Training


    BANDUNG - Post-Central Government provides a village budget of Rp1 billion per village per year, each village - especially villages in West Java has a budget of around Rp2 billion annually.

    West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum said that the large budget needs to be managed properly. Especially related to administration or financial presentation reports.

    "There are a lot of money to the village today, some sources are included. If it is not supported by reliability in the administrative field, I am afraid that grace will be a disaster. The gift of money coming but not being able to make a good report can be a disaster, "said Uu when met after the Third Edition of the Tepas (Community Aspiration Leadership Meeting) at the Pakuan State Building, Bandung, Thursday (2/28/19).

    "So the solution must be training for those who don't understand," he continued.

    Furthermore, Uu was also worried that the misrepresentation of financial statements could lead to criminal acts of corruption. For this reason, Uu asked for the role of the district government and financial institutions in providing the training.

    "The danger is that it can be examined and can be considered corruption (if it is wrong in presenting financial statements). It is not necessarily corruption, but the misrepresentation of the report may be called corruption, "said Uu.

    "So, we hope that the regional heads, especially the regents, must also conduct such activities. And our hope is not only the local government, financial institutions - banking, especially in CSR, if possible, it will focus on training activities for village heads, especially in the fields of financial management and village government accounting, "he explained.

    This was also confirmed by the West Java Inspector Assistant for Governance and Community Welfare, Mohamad Yudi Ahadiat. According to him, the village government usually wants to start activities immediately from January. Even though the budget to the village dropped in March or April.

    "But almost the entire village has the 2017 budget - put it down - it's too late, if the budget for January 1 is already running, they (the budget to the village head) will go down in March or April. "The village head wants to hurry, then borrow money (to the bank) that should not borrow," said Mohamad.

    For this reason, Mohamad requested that village heads be disciplined on a budget basis. Because a good program should be implemented after the budget has dropped.

    "Just wait, then the responsibility will be in January, even though the money dropped in March, period. Well, that's the problem. So there needs to be training, "he said.

    Meanwhile, the Head of the Bandung District Community and Village Empowerment Service, Tata Irawan, who was also present at the event said that the current government funds entering the village were very large. In Bandung Regency alone the village funds received reached Rp 640 billion.

    "So, we hope that there will be training provided for village officials on financial management," Tata asked.

    According to Tata, if without good management capabilities, the use of village funds would be less good. He also hoped that the West Java Province Community and Village Empowerment Service could facilitate the training activities.

    "We are worried that without good capabilities this financial management will not be good, so that with the training of village officials, they can manage their money well," said Tata.

    "We hope this will be budgeted by the provincial DPM (West Java), so we want to initiate this," he said. (Even)

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