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    Luhut, For Citarum Harum Private Parties Start Involving


    BANDUNG (2/28/2019) - Coordinating Minister for Chamber of Commerce Luhut Binsar Panjaitan stressed that for the current Citarum Harum program the private sector had begun to be involved in helping. Most private sector assistance is mostly in the form of funds from each company's CSR programs.

    "This has become a common concern for the world. Many have helped in the CSR of private companies," he said.

    Luhut believes that with Jempowi's 7-year goal and targeted work to normalize Citarum's return, it will be achieved.

    "Even Pak Gubenrur (Ridwan Kamil) is optimistic that in 5 years it will be completed. It's amazing, I just support it," he said with a smile.

    But according to Luhut the main key in Harum's Citarum program in order to succeed is community involvement.

    "The condition is community participation. If the community itself does not care and does not support it, there is no meaning. So the task of the regional heads must be to attract community participation," he said. (Even)

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