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    Preventing Corruption, Strengthen Faith & Stop Corrupt Behavior!


    BANDUNG - The key to being free from corruption is to stop or not act corruption itself. However, West Java Vice Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum also stressed to avoid corruption by increasing faith.

    "The key to handling corruption is to stop corruption from today," Uu was met after attending the Corruption Prevention Coordination Meeting and Optimizing West Java Provincial Income in 2019 in the West Hall of Gedung Sate, Bandung, Thursday (28/2 / 19).

    "We also actually as a believer, must strengthen our faith more and leave things that are forbidden by religion," he added.

    The Vice Governor Uu also advised the Civil Servant and officials in the West Java Provincial Government to avoid all opportunities for criminal acts of corruption. Because with the technology that is developing at the moment, it could be that corruption acts are known to the authorities or the KPK without us knowing it.

    "Never consider corruption activities - Civil Servant or other officials - that the KPK will not know. In the past, maybe yes (it can be unknown), but with technological advancements there can be no avoiding and it needs to be conveyed to the public, especially in West Java, "said Uu.

    The same thing was also conveyed by the Head of the Task Force (Task Force) Coordination and Supervision of Prevention (Korsupgah) of Region IV KP Sugeng Basuki. The key to the Civil Servant not making a deviation is to stop committing corruption. In addition, it is also important to provide awareness regarding matters that can create opportunities for corruption.

    "One key is not to have problems with the police, prosecutors, KPK, the only key is to stop, stop (do corruption)," said Sugeng.

    "Because if we don't stop, we just have to wait for the time (captured)," he explained.

    While related to optimizing regional revenues, in this coordination meeting Sugeng hoped that there would be efforts made by the regional government through prevention of irregularities in order to avoid budget leakage. It can be seen how the regional financial governance is through budget revenues and expenditures.

    "We optimize the revenue of this region in order to optimize regional revenues and through asset management," Sugeng said.

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