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    Vice Governor Attended Midwife Gathering in Gedung Sate


    BANDUNG - Vice Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanululum expressed his gratitude to health workers in West Java who volunteered to maintain public health, especially mothers and babies.

    "Thank you for submitting and apologizing if we have not been able to fulfill all of our siblings' wishes, ladies and gentlemen," he said on Thursday (28/2).

    Uu said that health received the largest allocation in the Budget Expenses and West Java Budget Expenses. Because with good public health, mental and mental health will be achieved.

    "If the soul and common sense, it can fill independence well," he said.

    He acknowledged that if the salary of midwives' health workers is still not ideal, it will continue to be pursued so that there is an increase in welfare for midwife health workers. Both from provinces or districts and cities in West Java.

    Meanwhile, a number of midwives in the hospitality dialogue expressed a number of things, including the desire for easy access to transportation, especially for midwives in remote areas.

    Another thing that was also voiced was the request of midwives to become civil servants because most of the current midwives were status as PTT midwives, temporary employees. Jo

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