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    Tepas is Presenting Vice Governor of West Java to Discuss the Village Problem


    BANDUNG - Leaders Meeting for Community Aspirations Tepas Jabar presents West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzanul Ulum discussing the matter of the Village. Located in Pakuan Building on Thursday (2/28/2019), dozens of village officials, subdistricts and community leaders with a relaxed atmosphere conveyed various problems about the village that had often happened, ranging from Pilkades, infrastructure to management of village funds and BUMdes.

    "I really understand the ins and outs of the village because as a former regent, it was the problem that I took care of yesterday. So I have imagined what has become a recurring problem so far," said Uu jokingly.

    According to Uu, the problem that often recurs is the change of village head, which is always followed by staff changes in the village, according to the wishes of the new village head.

    "This really does not have to happen continuously. Especially now that the management structure problem has provisions, both in the laws and regulations," he explained.

    Another problem that is always a problem is the disharmony of village heads and bpmd.

    "This is a classic problem. Therefore the pattern of better communication between the village head and bpmd must be intertwined, which is mutually beneficial, especially in the interests of the village," said Uu.

    In Tepas with the theme Pilkades and the Gerbong Desa Phenomenon there were also representatives from OJK, BI and several OPDs related to rural areas. (Even)

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