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    Strengthen Community in Siasyah and Muamalah


    BANJAR - Vice Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum invited the Nahdliyin, the residents of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), to strengthen the aspects of siyasah (politics) and muamalah (business), while continuing to develop the tarbiyah (education) side for the people.

    "Siyasah, we must move forward into the political realm. Muamalah, the economic economy must also move forward," said Uu, when he was a resource person at the National Dialogue & Business Meeting with the theme 'NU's Challenges and Future in Realizing People's Economic Sovereignty,' in activities NU Expo 2019, at Banjar City Park Field, Tuesday (02/26/19).

    Siyasah should not be left behind, said Uu, because, the political world is seen as having an interest in religion. He considered, a leader, with his power as great as anything, if he did not involve religion in political affairs would certainly be less partial to the people.

    Religion, is not enough just to be fortified by education, for example such as knowledge transfer activities between kyai and santri, but it must be combined with political power. The problem is that siyasah and tarbiyah thinking must be carried out together in political victory.

    "So, it affects the interests of the people who will be accommodated by the state. Especially in Indonesia, Islam is the majority religion," said Uu.

    "Religion is fundamentally speaking about the problem of faith, belief, and the ruler is the guardian," he added.

    In fact, he continued, in the Indonesian constitutional system in the principle of Pancasila, it was clear that there was an article which read "One Godhead".

    While muamalah, will protect the people from an independent, independent life. So that the life of the people will stand firm. (Even)

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