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    West Java Provincial Government Obtains "Good" Category in Archive Supervision in 2018


    PADANG CITY - On behalf of the West Java Provincial Government, West Java Regional Secretary (Sekda) Iwa Karniwa received an award in the Archives Monitoring Follow-Up Monitoring Report of 2018 from the National Archives of the Republic of Indonesia (ANRI) and received the "Good" category at Pangeran Beach Padang Hotel , West Sumatra, Wednesday (2/27/19).

    "Alhamdulillah, the West Java Provincial Government ranks second-out of 34 provinces in Indonesia, with the category" Good "," said Iwa.

    In addition to provinces, there are also District / City Government Groups with "Good" Categories given to three regencies / cities in West Java. Namely, Bogor Regency, Bekasi Regency and Bogor City. The coordination meeting was opened by the Governor of West Sumatra, Irwan Prayitno and attended by 723 participants from all over West Java.

    Furthermore, Iwa really hopes that the archives in the West Java Provincial Government and the regencies / cities have the title of "Very Good". So that being able to match even defeat other provinces and districts / cities in Indonesia.

    So Iwa appealed to all OPDs and districts / cities in West Java to continue to raise awareness about the importance of archives and conduct good governance. Especially in the current digitalization era, it is not only physical, but also digital.

    "The steps towards the" Very Good "category are by documenting all activities and storing them neatly. Because later if needed it will be easy to find quickly and precisely," said Iwa.

    "This is a good governance procedure, which we will implement in West Java," he said.

    The Deputy for Institutional and Management of the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform, Rini Widyantini, said that archive management is one of the important and fundamental ways to carry out effective and efficient government administration.

    "The registration of information produced by government administration should have followed the rules and principles of filing," he said.

    So, said Rini, archives are used not only as historical records, but also used as information in decision making, both technical and strategic as stipulated in the Archives Act.

    In addition, the Head of the National Archives of the Republic of Indonesia (ANRI) Mustari Irawan explained, ANRI's role is to provide guidance and supervision on the administration of archives. ANRI has been overseeing archives since 2016 and will continue from year to year.

    According to him, this coordination meeting was seen as important to know the extent to which the development of the quality of the state carried out archives in each institution and local government. This was done after filing supervision.

    This is reinforced by the issuance of the Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform Number 30 of 2018 concerning Guidelines for Evaluating Bureaucratic Reform of Government Agencies, where the results of archival supervision are one indicator of assessment, the Republic of Indonesia National Archives (ANRI) always strives to convey this every year as an evaluation material for Bureaucratic Reform in each Ministry / Institution and Regional Government.

    Mustari explained, the results of monitoring the follow-up of the results of the 2018 archival supervision in 34 ministries showed progress. Among them are 3 ministries (9%) in the category of "Very Good", 17 ministries (50%) in the category "Good", 9 ministries (26%) category "Enough" 4 ministries (12%) category "Less" and there are still 1 ministry (3%) "Bad" category.

    Furthermore, there are no results from the supervision of local government archives for 2017 for the "Very Good" category. But 7 provinces (21%) "Good" category, 6 provinces (18%) "Enough" category, 5 provinces (15%) "Less" categories and 16 provinces (43%) "Burik" categories.

    "There are also no districts / cities that have the title of" Very Good "category. Among them are 8 districts / cities (2%) in the category" Good ", 31 districts / cities (3%) in the category" Enough ", 47 districts / cities (9 %) "Less" category and 422 districts / cities (83%) "Bad" category, "he explained.

    Whereas the results of supervision of archives in 2018 for provincial governments are one province (3%) which has the category "Very Good".

    "Then 11 provinces (32%) in the" Good "category, 6 provinces (18%) in the" Enough "category, 6 provinces (18%) in the" Less "category and there are still 10 provinces (29%) in the" Bad "category," he said .

    "Whereas no district / city government has received a" Very Good "rating. For 33 districts / cities (6%)" Good "category, 81 districts / cities (16%)" Enough "category, 63 districts / cities ( 12%) in the "Less" category and 331 districts / cities (65%) in the "Bad" category, "he explained.

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