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    ITB and Osaka University Held a Physical Science Workshop


    BANDUNG - The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) held a workshop related to cooperation between the Physics and Physics Study Program, Department of Osaka University (Physics OU), on 21-22 February 2019, at the ITB Campus Basic Physics Lab Building , Ganesha Street.

    Through the ITB Public Relations press release, the collaboration between FMIPA ITB and OU has been launched since a few years ago, one of which was marked by the signing of the collaboration between the two faculties between the two faculties.

    The workshop was held to further enhance the interest of ITB students in continuing their studies in OU Physics with the theme of the workshop raised "Introduction to the Graduate Programs of Physics in Osaka University and the Future Exchange Program with ITB."

    "This activity is to provide an initial overview to students at ITB, especially physics about scientific topics and research in the OU Physics Department. In addition, it is also to provide an opportunity for lecturers in the Physics environment of ITB to discuss joint research that can be built, "said the Dean of FMIPA ITB. Prof. Dr. Edy Tri Baskoro.

    After first opened by Prof. Dr. Edy Tri Baskoro, the workshop then continued with a brief lecture presentation by three Professors from Physics OU, namely Prof. Dr. Atsushi Hosaka, Prof. Dr. Mikoto Koshino and Prof. Dr. Tadafumi Kishimoto. The workshop was attended by around 60 pesesinya students, both students of physics, chemistry and astronomy undergraduate programs, and postgraduate programs.

    The first day of the workshop, Prof. AtsushiHosaka explained about Physics OU, which has made a major contribution to the field of Physics, especially in the field of Particle Physics. There are some famous physicists such as Prof. Yoichiro Nambu and Prof. Hideki Yukawa. In addition to the Particle Physics field, there are several fundamental and inter-scientific fields which are the leading fields of OU Physics, such as Condensed Matter Physics, Quantum Physics and Biophysics.

    On the second day, Prof. Hosaka explained about the Hadron Physics, which are subatomic particles formed as a result of strong interactions. By understanding this hadron, it is hoped that it can be understood how the formation of this universe. Furthermore, Prof. Koshino explained about condensed materials, especially graphene materials which are two-dimensional materials with unique electronic structures and properties.

    Another speaker, Prof. Tadafumi Kishimoto explained about neutrinos, which are elementary particles with spin 1/2 and hence include fermions. He revealed how efforts to measure the mass of neutrinos were initially considered to be massless. To bridge the knowledge of students who take part in this activity, a brief introduction to recalling related matters obtained in college, Prof. Dr. Abdul Waris and Dr. Rahmat Hidayat gave a brief review of Nuclear Physics and Solid State Python.

    "It is hoped that from this activity, there will be interest from several current ITB Physics students to continue their studies with these fundamental topics, either through regular programs through the International Physics Course program from Physics OU or through ITB-OU Double Degree Physics Program," said Prof. . Edy.jo

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