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    West Java Will Apply Social Sanctions For Environmental Pollutants


    BANDUNG - West Java Provincial Government plans to implement social sanctions for perpetrators of environmental pollution. According to West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil the social sanctions are now being studied.

    "It is still in the study now, hopefully the results of the study will not come out soon," he said.

    The governor said that the application of social sanctions is sometimes more effective in making deterrent for the perpetrators.

    "I have applied this once when I was Mayor of Bandung. There are tax evasion companies and we announce it in the media, then finally they pay taxes," he said.

    Another social sanction according to Ridwan Kamil could be not using or buying products produced by environmental polluting companies.

    "Do not buy, do not use environmental pollutant products. This will be very impactful," explained Kang Emil.

    Of course the application of social sanctions according to the Governor does not replace the positive legal actions. (Even)

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