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    Village Fund Information Must Accessible by the Public


    BANDUNG-Member of House of Representatives Commission VIII Fikri Faqih lamented the many constituents who can not access information on the Village Fund. In addition, the allocation of development funds is still considered not able to meet the real needs of society.

     "The realisation of the Village Fund and its allocation accumulated during the many constrained. It is not be able to cover the real needs in the community for some restrictions on the allotment,” said Fikri in a press release received jabarprov.go.id, Tuesday (22/3).

    According to Government Regulation No. 60 Year 2014 and Government Regulation No. 22 of 2015, the Village Fund is a fund sourced from the state budget earmarked for the village to be transferred through the budget Municipality. The use of its funds is required to finance the govt implementation, the implementation of development, social development, and community empowerment.

    “Many people want to know about it, but they are constrained access to information on rural development funds to either of the district, provincial and central levels," said Fikri.

    Looking ahead, Fikri hopes the information on these development funds can be accessed by the public, so that they can participate to propose the government program, assist in their implementation, and even participate in supervising the realisation of these funds.




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