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    National Narcotics Agency Targeted 15 Narcotics Exposure Locations in West Java


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said that the anti-drug movement is not just the task of the National Narcotics Agency. But this must be the movement of all those who love this nation and their future. Including the scholars or community leaders and elements of education.

    For this reason, Emil - Ridwan Kamil's nickname, asked for the role of all elements of the community, especially the scholars and schools in the drug eradication movement.

    "I always believe that the role of the ulama is a way in the Republic of Indonesia so that whatever the program becomes more successful. Maybe it already exists but if not please maximize it - whether through the Indonesian Ulema Council that can give lectures or studies in the community. second, the role of the school, "Emil said in his remarks while attending the inauguration of the new BNN West Java Province building on Jl. H. Hasan (Soekarno-Hatta), Bandung City, Tuesday (2/26/19).

    "We are the movement of the scholars, we are a preventive movement in education through character education and we also prepare the instruments," he continued.

    According to Emil, to destroy a nation is enough to damage the young generation. Because if the young generation is damaged it will make the nation worse off.

    "So, that's why the disease of society, the common enemy named narcotics, must be opposed to our inner birth," he said.

    Meanwhile, in the same place the Head of the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) of the Republic of Indonesia Komjen Pol. Heru Winarko said that his party would eradicate drugs in 15 locations exposed to drugs in West Java. These locations are a hotbed for drug trafficking from users to dealer transactions.

    "There are 15 (locations exposed to drugs in West Java), nine are in Depok, and the others are scattered. I talked to the Governor (Jabar) so that we could work on the villages (locations for exposure to drugs). We return these villages to become like other villages, "Heru said.

    Heru added that in these villages economic empowerment would be carried out. Because most drug dealers in the village are housewives.

    "We will work on these villages, because there are many dealers in the village. Now we try how they have a livelihood, we change drug dealers to have skills. There will be a start-up or we will market online the results from the BNN, called StopNaroba.com, "Heru said.

    "We are still repairing in West Java and we can still work together," he added.

    Heru said the prevalence of drug users in West Java reached 1.7%, meaning there were around 800-900 thousand users. While drug users have three types, namely users try to use 57%, reactional or routine users 27%, and users of addicts 16%.

    On this occasion, Heru also said that one of the obstacles in the anti-drug movement was rehabilitation. Until now, Heru said, West Java also did not yet have a rehabilitation center for drug users.

    "For a rehab place, frankly in West Java there is no rehabilitation center, still in Lido there is a BNN. So we optimize how social rehabilitation centers, health rehab places can we optimize, including hospitals, health centers must be able to optimize, "Heru said.


    New Building West Java BNN

    The new BNN building in West Java Province has a modern concept with complete facilities, such as offices, detention rooms, clinics, rehabilitation, and tracking dog facilities.

    The cost of constructing the new West Java BNN building comes from the pure grant budget of the Regional Government of West Java Province 2017 and 2018. The development costs reached Rp. 31.19 billion. The area of ??this building is 3,605 square meters, consisting of five floors that stand on an area of ??2,300 square meters.

    Head of BNN West Java Province Brigadier General Pol. Sufyan Syarif hopes that the new West Java BNN building can support the implementation of the tasks of prevention, eradication, abuse and illicit trafficking in narcotics in West Java Province.

    "Therefore we invite all West Java Provincial Muspida, regents / mayors, community leaders, and all elements of society to jointly realize West Java is free from drugs," Sufyan said.

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