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    104th TMMD Tasikamalaya Regency 2019 Targeted Physical and Non-Physical Development


    TASIKMALAYA - Deputy Governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, representing the Governor became the Inspector of Ceremony (Irup) for the opening of 104th TNI Manunggal Masuk Desa (TMMD) in 2019, at Citalahab Village Field, Kec. Karangjaya Kab. Tasikmalaya, Tuesday (09/26/2019).

    TNI Manunggal Bangunan Desa (TMMD), has been consistently held by the Indonesian National Army (TNI). This time, the Military District Command (Kodim) 0612 Tasikmalaya, held the 104th village development program.

    Met after the opening ceremony, the Deputy Governor of Uu called TMMD activities in Tasikmalaya District this time, not only included physical development activities, but also the building of community character.

    "This noble activity must be supported by all parties to realize the champion of West Java and also perfect physical and spiritual health," hoped Uu.

    Through the TNI program, 13 units of Unliveable Houses (RTLH) were built with the community to reduce poverty. In addition, the TMMD program also covers the paving of 1,285 meters of road. This is considered to be able to revive the village community, especially in improving the economy.

    "We express our gratitude to the TNI / Police and all those who support, may the good that is done be replied by Allah SWT," he said.

    Dandim 0612 Tasikmalaya, Lt. Col. Inf Nur Ahmad explained, in TMMD 104 in Citalahab Village there were a number of activities. Among other things, paving the road, rehabilitating uninhabitable houses, making posyandu, and also rehabilitating community toilet facilities.

    "For each point deployed around 10 members along with dozens of local people, the concept is certainly mutual cooperation," he said.

    Dandim 0612 Tasikmalaya hopes that this TMMD 104 activity can help local governments and local residents in infrastructure development.

    In addition, the target of non-physical development, or community character building, this time TMMD held seminars on a number of public education such as counseling related to the environment and forestry, agriculture, education, religion, radicalism terrorism, Narcotics Abuse, and a number of other material .

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