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    Marine Tourism Will Become Primadona in West Java


    BANDUNG - The Regional Government of West Java Province is trying to develop marine tourism to become the belle and attraction of West Java. One of them is through the development of the Pangandaran Special Economic Zone (KEK).

    This was expressed by the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil while attending the Festival and Talkshow Earthing the Future of the Nation held by the University of Padjadjaran (Unpad) at Unpad Campus, Dipati Ukur Street, Bandung, Tuesday (2/26/19). This festival was held as an effort to build public awareness, especially the younger generation about the sea and all its potential as the future of the nation.

    "Marine tourism will also be excellent. We pray that in three months we are fighting for Pangandaran as a Special Economic Zone," Emil said.

    Later, Pangandaran, aside from being a place for developing marine tourism economy, the Regional Government of West Java Province will also encourage the private sector there to develop a place for marine research or research. This became a prerequisite in the development of Pangandaran as KEK.

    "Yesterday we submitted it but we revised it to add marine research prerequisites," he continued.

    West Java has enormous marine potential. In addition to the various marine biota that exist, from the geographical side of West Java it also has a very long coastline. In the northern region, West Java has a coastline of 354 km and in the south along 398 km.

    Meanwhile, the Indonesian Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Susi Pudjiastuti, who was the guest speaker at the talkshow, gave an appreciation for this festival. He assessed that this was in accordance with the vision and mission of the Government to make Indonesia a world maritime axis.

    "This activity is very good, grounding the sea of ??the nation's future to support the vision and mission of the government in ensuring the sea becomes the future of our nation, Indonesia becomes the world's maritime axis," said Susi.

    Furthermore, Susi added that this festival is to foster student awareness and millennial generations in Bandung and West Java, especially regarding the importance of the potential of marine and fisheries in the archipelago.

    "I think this is very important. I think after this Bandung people love the sea, the mountain people go down to the sea, because our sea is so vast, there are so many potentials," Susi said.

    On this occasion, there was also the launching of the Unpad Marine Conservation Master's Postgraduate Program and the submission of initial business capital from the Institute for Management of Marine Business and Fisheries (LP MUKP).

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