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    Second Sarling, Atalia Visits Bogor Regency


    BOGOR REGENCY-After Kuningan Regency, the Chairperson of the West Java Province PKK TP Atalia Praratya Kamil conducted the second Sarling in Bogor Regency on Monday (02/25/19).

    In this second Sarling series, the first location that Atalia visited was Melati Posyandu, Cibinong Village, Cibinong District. At this location, Atalia stressed the importance of implementing a Clean and Healthy Lifestyle (PHBS) especially in the home environment.

    "Mother, applying PHBS will certainly create a healthy family and be able to minimize health problems," Atalia said.

    Atalia explained ten PHBS indicators at the household level, including labor assisted by health workers, giving exclusive breastfeeding, weighing infants and toddlers, using clean water, washing hands with clean water and soap, using healthy latrines, eradicating larvae at home, eating fruit and vegetables every day, doing physical activities every day, and not smoking inside the house.

    According to her, the ten indicators must be applied in a home environment where family members are not susceptible to disease so that family members are healthy and able to increase the productivity of household members.

    Just like Sarling before, Atalia also handed over a toddler weighing device Dacin Inovasi, 'Tanda Sayang Bunda Cinta from the Chair of TP PKK Prov. West Java to the Chairman of the TP PKK Cibinong Village.

    Reading a Fairy Tale Book

    On foot, Atalia visited the second location, PAUD Kholid bin Walid Kec. Cibinong. At this location Atalia was welcomed with Assalamualaikum dance and drumband performances by PAUD children.

    Again, Atalia reminded parents to continue to strive to instill a reading culture in their respective home environments. Because basically, the most fundamental thing in child development is the degree of psychosocial conditions, health and nutrition of children.

    A book called 'Mia and Fried Fish' was read by Atalia. This book by Atalia tells the importance of eating fish. Because for her, fish contains a lot of protein and can help children grow healthy, smart and cheerful.

    "This is Mia's book and Fried Fish, Mother who wrote this book herself," Atalia said.

    According to her, there are two things that are important in determining a child's future. First, getting used to reading. Second, get used to eating fish.

    "Mothers don't forget that their children are given nutritious food and are best for their health. So going home from here, the children say to the mother, the sister wants to be read, the sister wants to eat fish at home," Atalia reminded.

    "So my children, if you want to be a smart, great child and can achieve your dreams, don't forget to eat fish. Eating fish is good, the meat is soft, it smells good, it is healthy, your bones become strong," she said.

    The Chairman of the Bogor Regency PKK, Halimatul Sadiyah Iwan fully supports the literacy movement and the Fish Eating Movement (Gemarikan) delivered by Atalia. Halimatul said, the two movements had a correlation with the development of children's intelligence.

    "In general, literacy is not a new term. Literacy is the ability and skill of individuals in reading, writing, counting and speaking that are needed in everyday life," Halimatul said.

    "Likewise the Movement to Eat Fish or Gemarikan, the motives of this movement of course need to be supported by parents at home so that their children are accustomed to eating fish from an early age," she added.

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