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    After Going Through Training, ‘Governor's Adjutant’ Is Ready For Tasks Starting Monday


    BANDUNG - Representing the Governor, Head of the Youth Pioneering Section of the West Java Provincial Youth and Sports Agency Ade Romadya officially closed the Jabar Future Leader (JFL) Bootcamp Training at the Gedung Sate Bandung tower on Sunday (02/24/19).

    The 30 JFL participants have been declared to have passed and are ready for duty starting Monday (02/25/19). Each participant will serve as the governor's aide for four days in turn.

    Ade revealed, the JFL program was expected to be able to shape discipline and obedience to superiors, as preparation for all participants before being revealed as adjutants. Ade also advised that all participants are always ready to carry out the duties of aides with all the risks.

    "The lessons we can learn in this training activity include creating discipline, creating (attitudes) being obedient to superiors through a strong and clear chain of command, and ready to carry out the tough tasks of the organization and the success of the organization's mission and vision," Ade said in his speech.

    "This bootcamp result is expected to be able to be implemented in carrying out the duties of the governor's aide. You must be prepared for all risks, remember you are the chosen people, "he said.

    The head of the participant team, Doni Irwansyah, admitted that even though he was still afraid of making mistakes in his duties, his team would open communication between team members to share information about the implementation of their duties as the governor's aide. For him, this JFL training plays an important role in shaping discipline and new insights related to governance.

    "We were afraid of being wrong, then just saw Kang Emil (who was called the Governor of West Java) just gawking. Later we will open communication between members of the team in charge, may be free to ask each other members who have finished carrying out their duties, "said Doni.

    Similarly, Herwin Hermansyah. One of the deaf governor's aide participants admitted that this JFL activity greatly changed his mindset. Assisted by a translator, Herwin said that he was more confident and positive, although at first he felt confused and had difficulty socializing. He said, the JFL has shaped it to be more confident in helping his fellow deaf friends.

    "Maybe in West Java this is the first time there will be deaf aides for the governor, maybe even the first in Indonesia. I hope there will be a JFL-JFL next, "Herwin said, assisted by his translator.

    "Before joining the program until now, I was more confident to help my deaf friends when there were people in the future who would need help regarding protocols and government, and I was more confident that West Java could be more disability friendly," he explained.

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