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    Governor Wanted to Move Hasan Sadikin Hospital


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil discusses plans to move RSHS to areas with more land area. This was revealed by Emil in the Health Release event in Pakuan Building, Friday (2/22/2019).

    Emil revealed that it started from the reality of full RSHS while its capacity was considered inadequate.

    "Now the condition is that all patients from the regions are mostly referred to RSHS. Even though the provincial government has provided other referral hospitals for a long time. There are seven referral hospitals spread in the west, south, north and east," he said.

    Therefore Kang Emil revealed his proposal and plan about the need to move RSHS as the main reference place to a wider place.

    "God willing, we will think about it later, and we prepare the budget. Of course we do not only use the regional budget, because we need a large budget, we will try from various sources," Emil said.

    When asked whether he already had a prospective land for the new location of RSHS, Kang Emil answered that it was unimaginable.

    "Yes, it hasn't been implemented yet, the idea is that today also appears. But the point must be that it's not too far away and the land really fulfills the requirements," Emil concluded.

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