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    West Java is developing a disaster blueprint


    BANDUNG - West Java Provincial Government is currently preparing a blue print or blueprint for disaster management. According to the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil, the process of making the blueprint was mini in the process of a focus group discussion or FGD.

    "It's in the fgd-fgd stage, because we have to listen to the parties who understand disaster as a whole, so that the results will be close to perfect," he said.

    So far, according to Emil, West Java does not have a blueprint for disaster management, even though the potential for disaster events is quite high.

    "If the average disaster occurrence in West Java is averaged 3 times a day. There are landslides, floods, tornadoes, etc. How can we reduce disaster risk if we don't have a permanent management plan?" Emil asked.

    According to him, the emphasis in the blueprint was mainly on how to reduce disaster risk to humans.

    "We must learn from Japan how to deal with disasters that often occur in their country, so they can reduce the risk of disasters, especially in the human psyche," he explained.

    According to Emil in making the blueprint involving experts, academics, the community and parties who are often associated with handling hate. (Even)

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