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    Dilan's Corner, Reflections on Tourism Efforts through Literacy & Film


    BANDUNG-In Gala premiere today, Sunday (2/24/19), West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil and Indonesian Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya, along with the players in the film "Dilan 1991", put the first stone in area of Saparua, Kota Bandung.

    Emil, the nickname of Ridwan Kamil, said that this Dilan Corner would be a place of literacy and film. For this reason, he hopes that Sudilan Dilan can be a vehicle for the people of Bandung and West Java as literary and historical spaces from the film Dilan itself.

    "Film Dilan reflects two values, literary value in the form of novels, then it becomes a film," Emil said.

    "So, we hope that these two dimensions will continue to emerge in the future, so that later it can be used to read novels, literature, activities in the world of publications or in the world of writing. Also the place can be used to reflect between literature and film, "he explained.

    According to Emil, visitors to tourist destinations will increase rapidly if there is a unique and new thing. This is also in line with the West Java Provincial Government program that makes tourism a superior program. The corner of Dilan is also expected to be a tourist for new public spaces for residents.

    "People will remember literacy and film, especially Dilan to this place (Dilan Corner). The more people who come, the better," Emil said.

    "Because tourism is our flagship program. Inside is natural tourism, there are tourism events, public spaces. Well, public space tourism is what is expected with the presence of the Dilan Corner," he added.

    Meanwhile, the Indonesian Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya hopes that the Dilan Corner can increase tourist visits in Bandung and West Java in general. He also revealed, the Ministry of Tourism currently has a Millennial Tourism program.

    "Half the visitors to Indonesia are half millennial. Likewise, a traveler in Indonesia is more than 150 million millennials. However, we don't have a destination or millennial tour package," Arief said.

    "And I beg Dilan and Milea to support Millennial Tourism for Indonesia," he continued.

    Supporting Indonesian Films

    At the premiere event that took place at the Cihampelas Walk (Ciwalk) mall in Bandung City, Emil also thanked the film Dilan 1991 for lifting the City of Bandung and West Java. He also fully supported the success of Indonesian films, especially if the film raised the theme or produced on Parahyangan earth.

    "I say thank you, this film has raised about Bandung and West Java," Emil said, who was also involved in making the 1991 film Dilan and acting as Deputy Principal.

    "Continue to support Indonesian films, the success of Indonesian films supports two times if the film is in West Java, of course. And of course we are proud, the first Dilan went through six million (viewers) and that now hopefully matches or more," he hoped

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