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    Uu: Togetherness is Core of Advance


    BANJAR - Deputy Governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, accompanied by Mayor of Banjar Ade Uu Sukaesih, attended the Healthy Walking and Sweet Fishing Event with Banjar City Youth Organization in the framework of the 16th Anniversary of Banjar City in 2019, in Situ Leutik Tourism Complex, Cibeureum Village, Banjar Subdistrict City of Banjar, Sunday (02/24/2019) morning.

    After the event, Uu said, the essence of this event was a matter of togetherness. With togetherness, said Uu, West Java will progress and become a 'Born Birth Champion' Province.

    "The essence of this activity is to stay in touch while establishing communication, because good leaders are leaders who can build communication with their citizens," he said.

    He also advised that citizens can continue to establish friendship and move together in various fields for the common good.

    "My message is, keep the unity and unity, and do not let friendships break up with anyone, especially among friends," said Uu.

    Related to Banjar City, which is already 16 years old since becoming an autonomous city on February 21, 2003 ago. According to him, he has made proud progress.

    The city, with a population of almost 200 thousand people, has experienced an increase in both infrastructure and community welfare. Even Banjar is the only area in West Java that has received the title of Unqualified Opinion (WTP) eight times in a row.

    "The floods are getting stronger, and it has been proven that there have been many that have been achieved, especially for 8 consecutive WTPs that have not been extraordinary in other regions," Uu said.

    Even according to Uu, there are still many potentials that can be developed to boost Regional Original Income (PAD), one of which is from the tourism sector.

    Uu hoped that Banjar would not only be a crossing area, but the Banjar must be the destination. The effort is to lift the potential of natural and cultural tourism.

    "Tourism potential must be increased including tourism infrastructure. Don't miss it. Banjar should not just cross it," hoped Uu.

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