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    Increasing Insurance Participation Needs Socialization Through Ulama


    BANDUNG - The level of public literacy and inclusion towards insurance both conventional and sharia insurance is still relatively small to date in Indonesia, where the national literacy rate of finance is only 29.6 percent, while in West Java 38.7 percent.

    Of these, literacy for insurance is only 15.76 percent and inclusion is 67 percent nationally, while in West Java the inclusion rate reaches 68.31 percent and literacy is 12.8 percent.

    Therefore according to Muhammad Yusuf Helmi, who is the Executive Board of the Center for Islamic Economics, the need for socialization by all parties is not only the government and insurance, through print, electronic media but also must involve the ulama.

    "Their literacy to prepare themselves in the face of disaster still relies on assistance from other parties, therefore it must be motivated how they should prepare it starting from themselves so that if a disaster occurs it will be lighter," he said.

    Helmy stated, with the socialization involving the scholars, they could provide understanding to the congregation both during recitation and sermons on insurance which currently also have Islamic insurance.

    "When he gave a recitation, filling in Friday sermons, the materials also had to involve Islamic insurance," Helmy said, in a discussion at Hara Cafe, Jln. Sutami No.62, Bandung, Saturday (02/23).

    According to Helmy, with the socialization by the scholars to their congregation, the previously uninformed people will be motivated to become insurance participants, especially sharia insurance.

    "With socialization so that people who have never been informed, will be informed and motivated to become participants, especially now that Islamic insurance programs already exist," said Helmy, who is also the Corporate Director of Business Services - KARIM Consulting Indonesia. (Parno)

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