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    Management of Waqf Must Be Professional


    BANDUNG-Various ways can be done by someone to get kindness and Rida from Allah SWT, one of them is waqf, which is to move private property into the property of a body that benefits the community.

    The Executive Board of the Sharia Economic Community, Muhammad Yusuf Helmy said, waqf assets can be used to build various public facilities, such as houses of worship, educational institutions, hospitals, property, plantations, and others that do not conflict with sharia principles.

    "Today's waqf assets can also be in the form of cash (cash waqaf), such as through insurance benefits and investment benefits from sharia life insurance policies," said Helmy,
    in a discussion at Hara Cafe, Jln. Sutami No.62, Bandung, Saturday (02/23).

    According to Helmy, management of waqf funds in a professional manner is very important to ensure the value of waqf assets is maintained and the endowments of endowments continue to benefit the community, therefore Prudential Indonesia partners with three trusted waqf or nazhir institutions, namely Dompet Dhuafa, iWakaf and Waqf Institutions Indonesian Ulama Council (LW-MUI).

    "The customer can choose Nazhir among the three institutions and this program supports customers who are looking for modern and smart solutions to implement waqf, while ensuring themselves and their families obtain the right protection and investment planning," he said.

    Meanwhile, Government Relations and Community Investment Director of Prudential Indonesia, Nini Sumohandoyo said, our waqf program focuses on the convenience of customers in channeling their insurance endowments in line with the slogan "Always Sharing, Forever Means," which invites us to continue to donate for lasting benefits and become part of the company's commitment to help overcome Indonesia's current socio-economic challenges.

    "The Indonesian Waqf Agency (BWI), an area of ??2,700 square kilometers in more than 366 thousand locations has been an endowment. While the potential for cash waqf is estimated to reach Rp180 trillion per year. We will also explore the enormous potential of waqf in Indonesia so that people can channel their donations with more effective, "he explained. (Parno)

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