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    Bandung regency and Kejari Bale Bandung Holds Cooperation


    BANDUNG-Bandung regency government held a cooperation in solving civil and state administration with the State Attorney Bale Bandung. The signing of the cooperation carried by Bandung Regent H. Dadang M. Naser, SH., S.IP., M.Ipol and Kajari Bale Bandung Drs. Gani Purwo Wikanto, SH at Bale Winaya-Soreang, Monday (21/3).

    The cooperation by the Assistant Government Yudhi H. Haryanto, SH., SP1 is intended to make the perception, especially in solving the problem of civil law and State Administration. Mentioned this cooperation is the second time after the end of 2015 ago. "From the results of the evaluation is done, a lot of benefits from this cooperation. At least the understanding of civil law and state administration is increasing among the employees, "he added.

    While the District Attorney Bale Bandung H. Gani Purwo Wikanto, SH reminded, that its cooperation was not concerned in the completion of the criminal law. "This cooperation is only focused on the settlement of civil and state administration as well as in the completion of state assets between one region and other. And the district attorney should be neutral,” said Gani Purwo Wikanto.

    As a lawyer who representing the state, Gani said that prosecutors could provide legal assistance to the institution or government agency that is civil or state administration. "In order to state duty, we are ready to provide consultancy and legal assistance to the applicant without charging a fee or a fee," he said.

    Bandung Regent H. Dadang M. Naser, SH., S.IP., M.Ipol evaluated there was a lot of positive results obtained from this cooperation. At least there were several villages in Bandung districts were awarded because their succeed in coaching families to aware the law. "This coaching is one of the activities listed in this partnership," said H. Dadang M. Naser.

    Along with the many government funding to villages, Bandung regency in 2015 also provide guidance to the village secretary and village head to avoid action against the law, especially in the management of these funds. “The coaching is done by the State Attorney Bale Bandung and BPKP West Java. It is a preventive measure to eliminate legal issue in the operation of dana desa (village fund),” he said.

    H. Dadang M. Naser will be soon conducted consultation with Kajari Bale Bandung, following the plans of the other party related to the floods that inundated several houses around each subdistrict Baleendah, Dayeuhkolot, Bojongsoang and other districts. "They will sue the government related to this flooding issue. As the law states we appreciate their efforts because it is their right as citizens regulated by law,” he said.

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