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    This is the Pindad Trap Garbage Tool


    BANDUNG REGENCY - To support the Citarum Harum program, the West Java Provincial Government received a trash trap from PT. Pindad. The handover of the equipment was carried out when the Citarum Expo was held at Soreang Bandung Regency a few days ago.

    "This is the first and has been tested. The size is medium and all use material domestically," said one of Pindad's public relations staff, Ryan.

    As reported earlier, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil once stated that he was ready to buy a similar tool from Pindad if Pindad was able to hold it.

    "If the donated one is not what the Governor refers to. What is meant by Pa Governor is different in type, and we are preparing it," Ryan explained.

    The workings of the garbage trapper are simple, namely by directing the garbage that is carried along the river, into the basket attached to the tool, then transported by excavator out of the river.

    "Now this tool must be equipped with excavators to lift garbage from the basket out of the river," he explained.

    The tool is valued at 400 million for one unit, and is designed specifically for use in rivers or lakes. (Even)

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