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    Millennial Safety Road is Followed by Hundreds of Participants


    BANDUNG - The Millennial Safety Road Festival in Bandung was attended by hundreds of participants from Bandung and outside Bandung, Sunday (02/24/2019), on Diponegoro Street in front of Gedung Sate, Bandung City. The event which was held with the police, TNI and various elements of the community was marked by a healthy walk around Bandung, with a start and finish on the Diponegoro road.

    "I hope this safe driving and traffic movement does not stop here. Continue to convey to family members, friends and all so that they also know the importance of driving safely," said Kapolrestabes Bandung Sr. Comr. Irman Sugema.

    In addition to the police, TNI officers also took part in the ranks of the Bandung Kodim and elements of the government. Meanwhile according to Kasatlantas Polrestabes Bandung, AKBP Reza Agung, the number of traffic accidents is still quite high in the City of Bandung and other regions.

    "In Bandung alone the number of fatalities during 2018 due to traffic accidents reached more than one hundred people died, and that was mostly from millennials and using motorbikes," Reza explained.

    Therefore, according to Reza, this driving security campaign is aimed more at millennials aged 17 to 35 because most of the accident victims are millennials.

    "But it does not mean that non-millennials are ignored, just the same, because this is for all people who have to start running vehicles in an orderly and safe manner," he explained.

    The highlight of the Millennial Safety Road Festival event after being held in various regions is on March 24 with a big event in West Java. (Even)

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