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    Ridwan Kamil: West Javanese People Must Become Exemplary


    BANDUNG - With a population of almost 50 million or 20% of the total population in Indonesia, the people of West Java need to be role models for other communities in Indonesia, especially exemplary in terms of spirituality or inwardness.

    According to West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil, the construction of physical infrastructure or outwardly is as important as building spiritual infrastructure. For this reason, religious programs such as Shubuh Keliling (Subling) or Shubuh Prayer in Congregation and Maghrib Mengaji, and other programs are expected to be able to encourage the spiritual side of society.

    "Activities like this (Subling) can be a priority, because outward development is just as important as building infrastructure of aqeedah and infrastructure of spirituality, such as the Shubuh Jamaah," said Emil - Ridwan Kamil's nickname during Subling at the At Ataqwa Mosque, Jl. Kebon Sirih No. 10, Bandung City, Sunday morning (2/24/19).

    "The West Java community itself must be a model society. Because there are the most number in Indonesia, almost 50 million, so 20 percent are Indonesia, "he added.

    Therefore, continued Emil, to be an exemplary society needed symbols that could be references such as mosques or houses of worship. This is done to build a balance between birth and heart. The number of mosques in West Java, which is almost 100 thousand units, is expected to not only prosper from its quantity.

    "And we hope it's not the amount but the prosperity of the mosque," Emil hoped.

    On this occasion, Emil stressed that the development of spiritual infrastructure is also important given the changes in the world related to the impact of digital technology. This digital impact has two sides, positive and negative. The positive side of digital is one of them, namely connectivity, while the negative side is the non-anticipation of information that enters unfiltered or tabayyun, so there is a lot of hoax information circulating.

    "Our children today must be equipped with spirituality preparedness to face world affairs outside the mosque that are so great and often worrying," Emil said.

    "If we look at our education, we are increasingly sad, like there are students against their teacher, if they were mahogoro students, because in the past the figure of the teacher was a substitute for a very respected parent. "It's now because of the bad side of a digital revolution," he said.

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