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    Islamic Based School, Faith Fortress & Moral Society


    BOGOR REGENCY - Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum welcomed the establishment of Islamic-based schools in a number of regions. Because according to him, will give birth to superior human resources not only on science and technology but also faith and piety (imtak). This is also in line with his vision, namely to make West Java the champion of inner birth with innovation and collaboration.

    As stated by Uu when accompanying Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla at the inauguration of the Al Wafa Islamic Sciences School (STIS) located on Jalan Bengkel Roda, Cileungsi, Bogor District, Saturday (02/23/2019).

    "I welcome and appreciate the birth of Islamic educational institutions or high schools that have religious nuances, moreover this is in line with the vision of West Java, the champion of inner birth," said Uu.

    Standing majestically on an area of ??55 thousand square meters, STIS itself is incorporated in the Al Fityan Boarding School foundation owned by Kuwaiti entrepreneurs. Uu said, religious-based schools would be the stronghold of the people's faith and morality.

    "Hopefully with the presence of a magnificent school and we are proud this will be a stronghold of faith, morality and benefit for the citizens," he said.

    After the inauguration, Vice President Jusuf Kalla said that, the establishment of STIS was a zariah charity that would not be interrupted.

    "What is being done today from Kuwait is a zariah charity for the people of Indonesia. Moreover, what is inaugurated is an Islamic school, of course this will be very beneficial for the younger generation to come," said the Vice President.

    As a country with the largest Islamic population in the world, of course, the need for education, knowledge, economics and Islamic sharia is very important. Currently in Indonesia there are hundreds to thousands of Islamic schools which all provide great benefits.

    The Vice President said that there were many things to be improved in Indonesia, especially in terms of sharia economics. But it is limited in providing sharia economists who are ready to contribute through their knowledge.

    "We are still limited by experts and the public to understand the true Islamic economy. Of course this institution (STIS) can contribute," he hoped.

    Having a total land area of ??70 thousand square meters with a building area of ??55 thousand square meters, STIS built 20 magnificent buildings with Middle Eastern architecture on one campus. The building area for sharia faculties, Arabic, and tarbiyah is only 7200 square meters with a capacity of 1500 students, 70 lecture halls, labs and toilets.

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