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    Pentahelix, New Style of Citarum Harum


    BANDUNG-Pentahelix, that's the style of the five elements that Citarum intends to launch in order to restore the longest river on earth Priangan is again a source of life.

    With collaboration A - B - C - G - M, Academician, Business, Community, Government, Media, the five elements must be compact, support each other, to build a fragrant, clean, healthy and sustainable Citarum.

    "Today we are holding a big idea, we can reduce this risk through Pentahelix collaboration," West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said after attending a national seminar on the theme "Pentahelix Synergy Model - Caring for Nature and Disaster Mitigation," at the Grand Asrilia Hotel On Friday (2/22/19).

    "So far, do not think that the affairs of our lives are only Government matters, so pentahelix is ??divided into five roles, there is the role of government, business people, universities, the role of community and the role of the media," he added.

    Emil is expected, the governor calls, in the next five to seven years, the normalization of Citarum will succeed if all these elements are compact. At present, Harum's Citarum guidebook has now been made, in which each role will be assigned to what target. Later each end of the year will be evaluated.

    "The target must be 15-20 percent progress every year. So at the end of the process we expect to be able to return Citarum," he said.

    The Head of the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) Lt. Gen. Doni Monardo, said that in the past 8 years in Indonesia, natural disasters have claimed around 11 thousand fatalities. The biggest casualties were caused by earthquakes, tsunamis, followed by landslides and floods.

    "In West Java, in the last two years there have been very many. If we look at the forms of disasters that occur, West Java is the most complete," he said.

    Doni emphasized that the source of disaster, on average, is the result of human actions. Such as land conversion, spatial planning that is not complied with, until natural events occur that are repeated.

    "Let's take care of nature, we take care of nature, then nature takes care of us, if we don't take care of nature, then disaster will come one after another," said Doni.

    In addition, Doni also said that West Java has a Lembang fault which is quite risky. But he advised that the public should not be too afraid, but must increase awareness.

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