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    Vice Governor Wants SPG Wanadri 2016 as Agent of Change


    BANDUNG-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar officially opened the activities of Mountaineering School (SPG) Wanadri in 2016, at Taman Pramuka, Jl. RE. Martadinata Bandung on Monday (21/03/16).

    Mountaineering School is one of the Wanadri program to provide nature education both to members and on-members of Wanadri.

    SPG activities will take place on March 21 to 27, 2016 in the Buru Masigit Kareumbi Park, Sumedang, West Java. The students involved in as many as 66 students, and they will be given an understanding related to mountaineering, and a variety of outdoor activities with the focal point on mental development, physical and knowledge. And also the development of intelligence such as Travel Management, Health Travel, Field Communications, Navigation, Survival, Conservation, Mitigation, Disaster and ESARr, Travel Journalism, and of course on patriotism and nationalism.

    "By providing knowledge and skills to activists in this activity, It is expected to become the standard for the other activists in the tropical forests especially in Indonesia,” said Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar in his direction.

    Deddy hopes this activity can provide positive benefits for the students, which is an increase of personal and social competence, for creating the skilled students who able to think and act rationally.

    Deddy also emphasised this nature-based education is required to bring the members to be ready becoming the Agents of Change, which will contribute substantially to the development. As well as to reach the achievement of well-being for the present generation without neglecting the nature conservation for the survival of future generations.

    "I hope this activity can produce young members of Wanadri who are ready to perform as 'Agent of Change' to realise a development paradigm that is more environmentally," said Deddy.

    Since it was first established on May 16, 1964, Wanadri have a noble vision, ie to form the Indonesian youth to be tough, resilient, and believe in the power of themselves. In applying the objective, there are four main activities, including exploration, education, integration with the community, and environmental protection.

    Wanderings in the mountains, dense jungles, deep ravines, steep cliffs, grappling with swift and rapids on the river, was consciously or not, it will certainly make an impact on a person's character. The obstacles encountered in the odyssey will make people become more resilient, not easily discouraged.





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