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    Pentahelix Synergy Overcomed Disasters in West Java


    BANDUNG - Ideally, all segments of society should be as mandated in Presidential Instruction No. 7 of 2018 can follow the Pentahelix model involving elements of Government (G), Academics (A), Business (B), Community (C), and Media (M) or abbreviated as GABCM which in Indonesian can be translated as Government, World of Education, Business World, Community Components, and Media.

    Chairman of the Citarum Institute Eki Baihaki said that the use of the Pentahelix model is also expected to increase the sense of togetherness of all nations and citizens through the National Defense of the Nation.

    "In practice this is a smart power as an embodiment of national martial arts and local wisdom-based actions through the application of skills, strategies, systems and structures to achieve the target of people's prosperity," he said in the National Seminar and Book Review of Nature Care and Penta Helix Synergy Disaster Mitigation in Grand Asrilia Bandung, Friday (2/22).

    The essence of the synergy is that we build and ensure a productive relationship and harmonious partnership with stakeholders, to produce useful and quality work.

    The element of the government, of course, has a very strategic role, it is desirable to have a strong commitment and policy in caring for nature and disaster mitigation. Including firmness in implementing regulations that are fair to all. And policies that are able to summarize expectations for greater interests.

    Academic elements with their expertise are expected to be able to provide innovative breakthroughs, applicable studies including being involved in the commitment to care for nature and disaster mitigation and become part of constructive critical strength.

    Elements of business people, especially businesses that have an impact on environmental pollution. We need to encourage you to want to run a clean industrial business and commit to keep nature sustainable and awareness to support disaster mitigation programs.

    The Media element, is expected to be able to spread the virus to defend the State in the field of environment through information and education including in building awareness of disaster mitigation. And become part of constructive critical strength.

    Community elements, who are present in the midst of the community have an important important role to participate in spreading national viruses in the environment. And become part of a constructive critical force that is to voice the interests of the community.

    "The success of penta helix synergy will also succeed optimally if, the government wants and is able to embrace all the other elements of helix helix not only as subordinates and objects. But as a creative and constructive partner for the achievement of the vision and mission of all existing elements, "he explained.

    The Indonesian nation, now and in the future, is destined to be ready to face multi-sectoral, multi-dimensional disasters with high complexity. Then disaster mitigation must be the focus of our mutual attention. Disaster mitigation is carried out through iHiar to improve and reduce disaster risk. Not only during emergencies but also pre-disaster and post-disaster.

    This is coupled with the condition that Indonesia is in a ring of fire, then disasters in Indonesia are a necessity. Every year, an average disaster of almost 2,500 disasters occur every year. Moreover, the disaster awareness culture and the level of community and local government preparedness are still low. Though millions of Indonesians live in disaster-prone areas with mitigation capabilities that are still minimal. jo

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