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    Vice Governor: Keeping Mother Language


    BANDUNG - Simultaneously throughout the world, today Thursday February 21 is the Mother Language which is officially established by the UNESCO World Agency.

    The Vice Governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum stated, the mother base or commonly called the Basa Indung by West Javanese, that Sundanese must be maintained and maintained.

    "What is called the Sundanese language, our parents" Ciciren Bangsa "or the characteristics of a nation, he uses Sundanese means Sundanese, he uses Arabic means that he is identical with Arab people," he said

    Therefore according to the Deputy Governor, with the Sundanese language of the Sundanese language, we think that it must be maintained and preserved.

    "Ask parents to communicate at home in the family, help use Sundanese, use Indonesian language," said the Vie Governor, after delivering a speech at the Public Consultation Forum and the Opening of the 2020 RKPD Musrenbang, at the Gedung Sate West Hall on Thursday 02/2).

    According to the Vice Governor, if Sundanese had been abandoned by the Sundanese themselves then we would leave the character of the Sundanese and certainly eventually be extinct.

    "In Sundanese, there are languages that can only be used at a certain level and there are things in other languages that are not in the Sundanese language," he said. (Parno)

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